Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Flowers & Landscape Part II

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These Irises were found outside of the calcium pools in Turkey.
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A Temple built for Zesus - Turkey
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Outside a set of ruins in Turkey
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Lilacs outside of the ruins where John the Baptist is supposedly buried.

Flowers & Landscapes

My friend just bought a new toy - a digital camera. She mentioned while we chatted about the new toy she talked about how she liked flower photos & I thought it would make a good subject. If I can find the ones from Amsterdam, I will add them. Enjoy!

Outside a little tavern in Ireland

Spring flowers I planted in our yard. He was deployed and wanted to see the flowers.

Another tavern on the Island of Mykonos, Greece.

Lilly pond in Morrocco.

Grape arbor, Creete Greece.


Gardens in Kerry, Ireland

Botanical Gardens, on the Amalfi Coast

Hibiscus, Botanical Gardens, on the Amalfi Coast

Trumpet Vine, Botanical Gardens, on the Amalfi Coast

Tanzinia, Africa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well I had some time to upload some new photos. These are from our Cruise thorugh the Greek Islands. We went in Sept of 2004.

I had to creep up on this bird while some kid was trying to spook it - luckily he ignored the kids.

The Greek Islands made for great sunset pictures.

This was our cruise ship.

Nice view of the Island of Rhodes. Probably my favourite second only to Santorini.

I liked this, don't know why but I do.

Greek food is great. These two were a riot and brothers.

Who's the guy with the Trident?.....This would be his temple.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Out & Around Egypt

The Baboon is the jester in Egyptian Mythology. I thought this was a cute little ode to the baboon outside of the Nubian museum.

I loved shopping in the Aswan little alleyways...It was fun hearing the vendors buttering you up in an effort to get you to buy something.

I love this photo, it captured the brand new of Islam while standing in the middle of the old ruins.

I hope you enjoyed this little view into Egypt!

Egyptian Waterways

Not only is there the Nile but Egypt has many waterways with lots to see. These were my favourite while riding in a small sailboat. I was hanging out the boat for some of these much to my travel companions dismay!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pyramids of Giza

Outside one of the entrances at Giza you can take a camel ride for about 10 bucks. They are all about capitalism so I had to sneak this photo in between some buses otherwise I would have owed them all a few bucks each!

This photo cracks me up. Here we tourists are standing and looking at an architectural marvel but everybody seems to want to focus instead of the poor Hindu guys on vacation! Finally they asked if they could take their own photos at the pyramids before anymore photos with strangers.

This guard stood on the steps of one of the pyramids - his job? Keep people off the steps. He refused to let someone else take his photo and I caught him about 3 seconds before he started yelling at a French couple to get the hell off his pyramid.

This little girl was adorable. She had a bag of cookies or crackers and someone was trying to make her give them back - if looks could kill!

I loved Giza along with the rest of Egypt. Especially since when I left Germany it was snowy, nasty and cold as hell. (Nov 2005)